1x01 Pilot

1x02 Night of the Comet

1x03 Friday Night Bites

1x04 Family Ties

1x05 Youre Undead To Me

1x06 Lost Girls

1x07 Haunted

1x08 162 Candles

1x09 History Repeating

1x10 The Turning Point

1x11 Bloodlines

1x12 Unpleasantville

1x13 Children of the Damned

1x14 Fool Me Once

1x15 A Few Good Men

1x16 There Goes the Neighborhood

1x17 Let the Right One In

1x18 Under Control

1x19 Miss Mystic Falls

1x20 Blood Brothers

1x21 Isobel

2x22 Founders Day


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